Vauxhall Holden Opel Astra Cabriolet Roof Hose

Astra Cabriolet Roof Hoses

The Team at ALNO repair Cabriolet Soft Tops

We repair Cabriolet soft tops and Cabriolet hard tops. We don’t fix seats we don’t fix boat trims we get convertible roof moving again.

The Astra Cabriolet Soft Tops and Hard Tops are Electrohydraulic driven system so why would some take there roof to an auto trimmer to have it repaired.

The team at ALNO are manufacturing engineers we manufacture the parts we offer for sale our product are of the highest quality on offer.

Our team are train in Machine and Electrohydraulic maintenance with many of our employees with over 30+ years experience in maintaining electrohydraulic systems.

The team at ALNO have developed more cost effective products for sale many of these products are manufactured in Asian or China some of these manufactures offer warranties yet many without.

Over the past 10+ years of fixing these convertible roofs not only the Soft tops, Hose Latches, but flexible drives and roof controllers as well

We have seen many customers come across quick fixes, plastic parts or back yard mechanics and in some cases hose companies fix one end of a ten year old hose and the other ends blows a week later. So the customer ends up paying double or half the price of a new hose with news hose fittings.

As time has gone on many of the Holden or local dealership mechanics that have been trained to maintain or repair the Astra Convertible roofs have moved on in there jobs as 10+ years ago they were trained on the TS Astra Bertone Cabriolet ( Opel manufactured ) and 5+ Years ago they were trained on the AH Astra Convertible ( Vauxhall manufactured ). In today’s day and age it quite difficult to keep well trained mechanics.


Astra Convertible ALNO Roof Latches & hydraulic Hose


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Astra Cabriolet Hydraulic Roof Hose

When it comes to purchasing Astra Roof Hose the team at ALNO offer the largest range of Hydraulic Hose for the Astra Convertible.

Astra Roof Hoses


Locking Mechanisms and roof latches are manufactured form air craft grade billet aluminum, these products are the only products in the market place that don’t need to be replaced.

Astra Roof Latches

Astra Roof locks

Replacement motors and roof controllers the team at ALNO offer reconditioned motors and controllers rather than 2nd hand or used products where one has no idea on how much work or fatigue these components has been subjected too.

Astra Roof Controllers

TS Astra Roof Motor

AH Astra Winglet Motors




Holden Astra Convertible – Roof Problem

Holden Astra Convertible – Roof Problem – Solved


I know some time has lapsed from your post but I have a 2001 Holden Astra Convertible Bertone and have suffered from the same issue broken roof latches the dealer quoted $1400 (+ GST.) each for new latches.

Fortunately I manage a machine shop that has tackled many cost saving modifications to automotive components for many customers in the past furthermore could not believe a replacing each roof locking device could cost $1400 (x2 = $2800 +GST.). So our company ALNO Product Services have come up with a method of modifying the latch so it continues to operate. It has been working for over six months now and will keep this forum updated on how long it actually lasts.

Anyway to modify both latches cost $1450 (+GST.) and the dealer charged me $350 to remove and fit both latches the whole process took less than one day

If you or anyone else needs additional information on getting broken latches fixed part No. 0919 8575 and  0919 8574 or you may like to see the modified latches working they can contact me at ALNO Product Services on the central coast or Google ALNO Product Services West Gosford Central Coast.

ALNO Product Services have a list of businesses around Australia and New Zealand that fit the roof latches to find the closet latch fitter close to you call ALNO Product Services Today (02) 4325 3519